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Monday, January 26, 2015

Product of the Week for Natural Herbal Remedies Called - Chai

Chai - A Classic

 ***From Mountain Rose Website take a look at this ......

Certified Organic & Made with Fair Trade Ingredients & Kosher Certified

Classic Chai

 This warm, piquant, and delightful blend was formally know as Oregon Chai. A great alternative for those who wish to avoid large amounts of caffeine, sugar, and dairy products, which are commonly found in commercial Chai products. An exotic beverage that is sure to tickle your taste buds!


Deep, earthy, and warming. This beverage is hearty with an exotic allure.


Strong and irresistible combination of spices and pure vanilla beans.

Brewed color and time

Amber with orange tones. 5-10 minutes

Caffeine content

Contains caffeine


Organic Ginger root, organic Cinnamon bark, organic and fair trade Darjeeling Tea, organic Cardamom, organic and fair trade Cloves, organic and fair trade Nutmeg, and organic Vanilla bean. Contains Caffeine.


Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Probiotics, Gluten Sensitivies and Natural Herbal Remedies

Probiotics are GOOD Bacteria to the Rescue!

Thank you to for the most appropriate picture!  It seems now a days people are more sensitivity than ever to almost any and everything on planet earth!  Makes you wonder what kind of quality of life can a person possibly have if they have to live life inside of a bubble!

Food/Gluten Sensitivities, allergies, infections, viruses are all the result of being plagued by symptoms that can be triggered by food or our environment.  So, in the age of fast this and convenient that how does one truly cope?  Well, that answer is not an easy one because in order to cope, you first have to know that you can not only cope yet, you can thrive!  This means changing how you think about getting and being well.

Everyone is talking about probiotics these days and that is because of the encouraging new scientific studies that have come out in favor of how effective they can be to overall health.  Being well and staying well is not an art or a chore, it is a joy when you do it right and work to keep it up.  This is where Probiotics come in and work well.

What are probiotics?  GOOD bacteria that help the intestines function as they should in the body.  Why are they important?  Because they help to prevent BAD bacteria from growing out of control and causing harm to the body which is otherwise known as Intestinal Dysbiosis.  When there is an imbalance of bacteria in the body or on the body, such as the skin, then you may have Intestinal Dysbiosis.

An imbalance of bacteria in the body, specifically in the intestines, can cause the following:
  • - Viral Activity                                 - Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • - Autoimmune Disorders                 - Food Intolerances
  • - Constipation                                  - Yeast Infections

What are the benefits of having GOOD bacteria or Probiotics?
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Helps Ease Inflammation that causes pain
  • When combined with healthy eating habits can aid in correcting intestinal and digestive issues
  • Helps fight off viruses much more effectively either in or on the body
  • Helps the body prevent allergy or food sensitivity symptoms 
What makes a GOOD Probiotic?
  1. Does not easily get destroyed and makes its way to the intestines where it can do the most good
  2. Should be plant based to be easily accepted and absorbed by the body
  3. Needs to contain multiple strains of GOOD bacteria to be of most assistance to an ailing body
  4. Encourages the body to grow GOOD bacteria on its own which can kill off any BAD bacteria that happen to be present
Herbal Probiotics are great as they meet the criteria listed above and they are:
  • Yucca
  • Bee Propolis
  • Buckthorn


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shingles & Natural Herbal Remedies

The Shingles Virus

I was speaking with my cousin about her Shingles condition.  She explained how the doctor has her on medication to address this condition and she has it under control. Yet, I wanted to write a post on this issue because there is a way to address this skin condition naturally.

In the advertisements, it is stated that the Shingles virus is as a result of one having had the Chickenpox virus.  Though the chickenpox virus may be a contributing factor to contracting Shingles, another reason can also be attributed to nerve stress and a lack of Vitamin B Complex.  When one is stressed nerve acids can form and without the proper B Complex vitamins the nerves can't nourish themselves properly.  Nerve acids are formed as a result of this stress and this skin eruption can occur.  This is why you see the painful skin eruptions following the nerve branches on the skin.

The following herbs can be taken either in extract or tea form to help the nerves reduce the amount of acid formed.  You can also use Red Clover, Aloe and Astragulas in combination externally on the skin.

  • Red Clover - To cleanse the blood
  • Astragulas - Addresses viral activity
  • Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis (preferrably, in combination) - A good source of Vitamin B complex
It is important during this time to avoid acid foods such as oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, and also avoid drinking their juices and definitely stay away from soda regular and diet varieties.  Drinking Green Drink daily and plenty of water will help to reduce the nerve acid from forming.  Remember, to keep the bowels open because bowel movements are important to ridding the body of excess acid.  Follow this regimen daily until the virus is gone.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Natural Herbal Remedies & Product of the Week - Creamy Vegetable Soup

On A Cold Day Hot Soup is GREAT!

Creamy Vegetable Soup is handcrafted using 12 vegetables. An easy, nutritious meal for home or on the go. Mix 2 rounded tablespoons with water ' hot or cold.  This delicious soup is handcrafted from tomatoes, zucchini, red pepper, green pepper, broccoli, potatoes, green onions, carrots, sweet corn, peas, green beans, onions, Stardust Pure Salt, celery, and garlic. Mix 2 rounded tablespoons with water ' hot or cold. This 14 oz. bag makes about 20 servings.  Soup is also a great way to help you lose weight!  Read More below.
Potato Flour, Onion Powder, Zucchini, Broccoli, Salt, Tomato Flakes, Red Peppers, Green Peppers, Carrots, Garlic Powder, Celery Seed, Peas, Sweet Corn, Green Onions, Green Beans

Lose the Processed Foods & Lose the Pounds

Many Food Producers create foods that stimulate overeating.

Processed foods contain added salt, fat & sugar that heighten the senses, and often time overwhelm any sense of control.  These same products are damaging to the cardiac system, and are an important cause of the obesity epidemic.
When you eat a “whole food diet”, choosing minimally processed foods, a sense of fullness with less calories is quickly attained.  Why?  Because whole foods are full of water, fiber and nutrients.  Processed foods are a dense source of fat & sugars with a few nutrients added back to sell as “healthy” for you.

The pounds will start to drop when you start eating unprocessed foods.  A better benefit is the  renewal of a damaged cardiac system.

The very best diets are the diets that our grandmothers prepared around the world, before food processing. People in Spain, Costa Rica, Japan, and even the northern coast of Africa, eat primarily a plant-based diet with small portions of protein.  This, along with activities of daily living, give them a leaner physique.  And, yes, when the cities introduce faster-food which is more processed, the populations weight increases.  So start today, buy a bag of fruit or vegetables in season and try preparing them yourself.  Raw is fine, as in a salad.  Whatever it takes, just consume that bag as soon as you can, and go back and get more.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Natural Herbal Remedies Health & Wellness Classes!

 To truly learn about Health & Wellness you have to be guided by a professional that has experience in the subject.  Health & Wellness is not about losing weight, getting exercise and knowing how to eat right.  When you are going through a health crisis, the best thing you can do is feed your body the nutrients that it will need to help it heal.  No matter what the illness is, natural herbal remedies and plant based whole food nutrition can help the body heal itself.  Yes, you have to work to change your life, not just your lifestyle, especially when the body needs to heal.

So, to begin your lifestyle changes you must get educated and do your homework.  Then you must know what your priorities, meaning, what are the areas of your health that are getting the most attention from YOU?  Once you have decided on your priorities then you can do your due diligence to get the professional help that can guide you along this journey successfully.

What are you waiting for?  Come to a class that will provide you with the education, advice and guidance you are looking for to get YOU to your better health.  Come to one of our Health & Wellness classes to get real, good information on health and wellness that can properly put you on the path to regain, maintain and improve your health TODAY!!

When:  Starting February 14, 2015 and every Saturday

Time:  10:30am – 12:00pm

Where: Grace Is Sufficient Ministries Neighborhood Community Center

Location: 13345 Joy Road Detroit, Michigan 48228

Cost: $10.00 per Person.  If you bring a friend your admission is only $5.00


Monday, January 12, 2015

Natural Herbal Remedies Product of the Week! Hoodia for Weight Loss

Herb That Supports Weight Loss is Hoodia

HOODIA - Hoodia Gordonii

PROPERTIES AND USES: Substains food satisfaction, weight loss.


: "Cactus" above ground.

BODILY INFLUENCES: You have tried all the rest.  Now try the best!  This is the herb for weight loss.  If you are serious about weight loss, now you have the support to do it.  The herb Hoodia may be the answer you have been waiting for.  It is a small "cactus looking" plant two to three inches tall.  The plant comes from the desert of South Africa where conditions are harsh, at best.  The plants, the people and the animals there are hardy resourceful survivors.  It is the perfect home for the plant Hoodia.  

People who live there are known to chase a rain cloud for miles just to get a drink of water. They have learned many skills to survive and they know what to do when they must go on a long trip to find food and shelter.  Now, enters the herb Hoodia. 

When they take the herb it tells the body to use its resources and not spend its time being hungry for food.  You don't have to live where food is scarce to take the herb. If you decide to take it you can choose if you want to eat or not.  Some people say ten drops at a time, as needed is enough.  Other people say they need as much as one teaspoon three or four times per day to keep from getting hungry. 

Hoodia is not known to have harmful side effects.  You might say it has been "field tested" for hundreds of years without a problem!  Make sure you get the real plant when you buy a product labeled, "Hoodia."  There are at least a dozen different kinds of this little "cactus-like" plant.  The only one of these types which is the highest quality is known as Hoodia gordonii.  

The world's supply of this herb is limited, therefore making it hard to locate and very costly.  After all, it only grows in the desert.  This particular plant is regulated and only so much of it can be collected and sold.  This ensures that the herb will not be over-collected and be available for future generations.  This is why it is really expensive, but, if it works for you then is it really expensive?  Only you can say. 

Our Hoodia is put into a liquid form so it goes to work right away.  Oh yes, when you taste our liquid Hoodia you will see what the genuine weight loss Hoodia really tastes like. We invite you to compare its taste and effectiveness with anything else you have used that calls itself Hoodia.  Go for it!

DOSAGE: 10 drops to 1 teaspoon as needed.

This is an excerpt from the copy written works of: Dr. A.B. Howard "Herbs For You - Building Better Health Naturally"
Pure Herbs Hoodia
*DISCLAIMER:  This product is not a drug.  Therefore, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The content contained herein is for educational purposes only.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
HOODIA - *Helps to suppress appetite and support weight loss.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Natural Herbal Remedies Teach Effective Weight Loss for 2015

10 Tips on Natural Weight Loss

This is a multi-billion dollar industry - weight loss, that is and it is steadily growing.  Why has this topic generated such fervor?  It can be attributed to the way we eat nowadays.  The American diet consists of high fat, low fiber foods loaded with sugar and salt.  If you were to ask the average person how many fresh fruits and vegetables they eat on a daily basis, they would probably ask you what are fruits and vegetables!

Below are some easy to incorporate tips to help with losing weight.  Some of which you may find surprising:
  1.  Get to the heart of things.  Why are you gaining weight?  Are the reasons tied to emotional trauma from the past or present?  Do you have other medical conditions that affect your weight?  Have you been tested for hormonal or nutritional deficiencies that may contribute to weight gain?  Your 'Why' is very important to helping you lose and maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Increase your intake of water.  Water is essential for hydration and carrying away excess toxins in the body.  Start with drinking a 8oz glass of water 20 minutes before eating foods including snacks to curb the appetite and prevent overeating.
  3. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal.  You can not only eat your fruits and veggies you can also drink them.  Invest in a quality juicer and follow the recipes that come along with your machine.  Or if you cannot afford a juicer, a blender will do the job using the liquefy setting, you will have to purchase a strainer to strain out the pulp once you are done.
  4. Keep your bowels open.  When you are losing weight, you are also losing impacted waste as well.  Most people carry around waste material in their body because they are not going to the bathroom on a regular basis.  Eating more fresh fruits and veggies are the best ways to increase fiber which helps you go.
  5. Reduce and/or eliminate fast, processed and junk foods.  Cook more meals using fresh ingredients instead of pre-packaged, processed ones.  If you find you have to have fast foods then eat more salads than sandwiches.  Replace sugary and salty snacks with fruits and nuts to satisfy those cravings.
  6. Exercise at least 3 days a week.  The biggest benefit to exercising is the calories this activity actually helps the body to burn.  With consistent and routine exercise, one can see results within the first month.  Do exercise you enjoy so it does not seem like such a chore.
  7. Reduce stress.  For some stress is a trigger to eat.  Set priorities for your time and space.  Pick your inner and outer circle of friends and family like you pick your fruit - very carefully.  Reduce or eliminate those things from your life that no longer serve you in a positive manner.
  8. Find the beauty in you no matter how big you are.  If you do not love yourself now, you will not love yourself any more simply because you lost the weight.
  9. Gather the RIGHT kind of support around you for you to succeed.  Pick those people to be in your corner that will support your weight loss goals, hold you accountable and love you because this is something you want to do for you.
  10. Keep a journal documenting your journey.  Lifestyle changes are the hardest to make because these are changes that last a lifetime.  Because this journey will not be an easy one it is important to write down the highs and lows of it all as motivation and as celebration for allowing your true self to heal you.