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Monday, September 15, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies - Product of the Week - He Shou Wu

Heart Health is Important
 When I first heard of this herb I loved to say the name because it was the first time I could pronounce the name of an Asian herb - Correctly!!!  Well, beyond knowing how to pronounce the name of this herb I also know how good it is for fighting vascular disease.  Guess what?!  The medical profession has come to know this too!!  This herb along with other healthy living habits can actually reverse heart dis-ease and help the body heal itself.

The herb I am talking about is He Shou Wu.  The latest in modern clinical techniques have proven that, He Shou Wu, is high in selenium.  Vitamin E along with Selenium both work effectively at increasing oxygenation in the body to help increase circulation.  Both Vitamin E and Selenium are the anti-oxidants the body needs to help the body's cells stay healthy instead of breaking down too rapidly.  The cells in the body can break down much more rapidly than they can replicate which is why anti-oxidants are important in stopping this cellular breakdown at the same time boosting immunity.

Now, you know me, if you have been following me you know I mention food along with Herbs.  Therefore, this post, as usual will not be any different.  You have to include plant based whole foods in every meal that you consume when fighting any dis-ease, especially heart dis-ease.  You must eliminate processed, fast and junk foods from your eating habits in order to allow the body to repair and heal what is in dis-order.

He Shou Wu

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

'Bed Sores' Hate Natural Herbal Remedies

Bed Sores Are Not A Pleasant Condition

This is an issue that faces elderly residents of nursing homes, yet for those that care for their elder loved ones at home this can be just as much of an issue.  To get a bed sore or skin ulcer there is a lack of circulation in the area due to the body's inability for mobile movement or this condition can also be due to viral or bacteria infection.  So, what is the remedy?  It's a natural mix of oils and herbs.

Before we get into the mix, we have to go into some preventative measures for preventing these types of ulcers from occuring:
  1. MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! If you have a loved one that is immobile, it is important that the body is still being moved and exercised to keep circulation occurring in the body.  A good physical therapy program is important here.
  2. It is important that one is rotated manually during the night to prevent sores from occurring.  When one lays in one spot all the time it causes pressure in that area and this pressure causes the skin to break down.
  3. Due to a chronic illness in the body the skin can begin to break down and ulcers can occur, for prevention make sure that the skin is kept dry and clean.  Should infection occur to cause an sore a natural antibiotic should not only be taken orally yet, used externally.
What are some natural antibiotics to use externally on the skin when ulcers occur?  Below is an oil and herbal combination that works well:
  • Knitbone - Rebuilds new body cells
  • Marshamallow - Reduces inflammation; Poison absorber
  • Sanicle - Promotes healing and purifies
  • Vitamin A&D Oil - Cleans and nourishes the skin
  • Vitamin E Oil - Oxygenates the body
Do the preventative measures suggested above and should an ulcer/sore appear be sure to use the suggested herbs and oils in combination to help the sores to completely heal.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Whole Foods Farmacy and Being Gluten Free


5 Symptoms Of Gluten Sensitivity You Probably Don't Know About:

Most physicians are familiar with celiac disease and the digestive issues associated with gluten sensitivity, but the vast majority of doctors are not familiar with many of the other symptoms, especially the non-digestive symptoms that can be caused by gluten.

It's estimated that 18 million people suffer from gluten sensitivity, and those are the people who have figured it out. There is still an enormous number of people walking around with a gluten sensitivity and they have absolutely no idea. I suspect that 1 in 2 people has an issue with gluten. In my functional medicine clinic, I test all of my patients for gluten sensitivity, and about 95% of them have some issue with gluten.
Most people with gluten sensitivity have no digestive symptoms at all. In 2002, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine was able to link 55 chronic diseases to gluten. I often get asked, if gluten can cause this many health issues, why don't more physicians know about this?
When something new is discovered in medicine it can take an average of 17 years for this new information to make its way into medical schools and clinical practice. Much of the research surrounding gluten sensitivity is not 17 years old—in fact we're just now beginning to scratch the surface in understanding gluten's role in many diseases.
We do know that gluten sensitivity lies on a spectum. On one end there is no issue with gluten and one can eat all the pasta and pizza they want. I don't really recommend this for anyone as gluten is a very inflammatory food, however in theory one has no issue with gluten and can eat as much as they want. On the other end of the spectrum is celiac disease, an autoimmune disease in which even trace amounts of gluten can have devastating consequences to the person consuming it. Everyone else falls somewhere on the spectrum in between the two extremes. One could be one step away from no issue with gluten or one step towards celiac disease.
Non-Digestive Gluten Sensitivity Warning Signs
These are only a few of the possible warning signs of gluten sensitivity. For a more complete list, click here.
1. Migraines and headaches
Food sensitivities are known to cause headaches and migraines, and gluten is no different in that respect. A recent study showed that 56% of people who had been diagnosed with migraine headaches actually had an underlying gluten sensitivity. After removing gluten from their diet and adopting a gluten-free lifestyle, their migraines resolved.
2. Brain fog
Gluten contains gluteomorphines that can act like morphine in some people causing brain fog. Gluten can also attack the brain, causing inflammation, leading to brain fog.
3. Depression
Gluten can cause a leaky gut and disrupt your ability to absorb certain vital nutrients like B vitamins, iron, vitamin D, omega 3 fatty acids and zinc. These nutrients are essential for mood and brain health.
4. Joint pain
The body attacks the gluten and forms immune complexes that can settle in the joints causing swelling, pain and inflammation.
5. Skin rashes
These are all just inflammatory conditions of the skin. Outward manifestations if you will of the inflammation going on deeper inside your body.

How to test for gluten sensitivity
There are two tests that I use in my clinic to determine if a patient has a gluten sensitivity.
1. Blood tests
There are several blood tests available to test for gluten sensitivity; however most conventional doctors have not adopted this testing. Most conventional doctors are still only testing for celiac disease, which is why I recommend finding a functional medicine physician in order to be tested for gluten sensitivity.
2. Do at-home gluten elimination challenge
I also have my patients do a very simple at-home test. (I recommend this one.) You stop eating gluten 100% for two week and see if you feel better off of gluten or worse when you add it back in. If you feel better without gluten or worse when you add gluten back in, then you likely have a gluten sensitivity.
I encourage all of my patients to remove gluten from their diets completely. Even though the outward manifestation of eating gluten might appear mild, your immune system is being stimulated underneath the surface, and the effects can last for three to six months.
For many, simply removing 100% of gluten from their diet isn’t enough. Many people still need to repair the damage that gluten has caused in their gut. Additionally, I often find that there are other infections in the gut such as parasites,Candidabacterial overgrowth, and bacterial imbalances that need to be addressed and corrected. For some, there may be a need to go completely grain-free due to the cross reactivity of non-gluten grains.
When in doubt, go without. You’re not missing any vital nutrients by not eating gluten. In fact, you may be saving your life or the life of someone you love.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies & Pain Relief

Aches and Pain Can Hurt!

Aches and Pains are not a sign of age.  These annoyances come at any time for a myriad of reasons.  Yet, people are sometimes not aware that you can address pain naturally.  Severe pain to minor aches can be address naturally with organic herbal extracts and plant based whole foods.  Yet, for this post we will be talking about herbal aids. How you may ask?  Well, keep reading and I will share with you the natural herbal remedies that can aid the body when aches and pains are felt.

When pain is felt that is a sign of inflammation in the body.  Pain is the symptom that let's us know that there is a serious issue in the body and it needs our attention.  Remember, if we do not pay attention to our health now, our health will get our attention later.  The nerve receptors in the body is what transmits the messages of pain and aches.  When these symptoms are felt, it is best to address where the pain is and its possible cause.

To address pain we also have to address the issue of inflammation.  These two culprits often occur simultaneously.  Our nerves can be a source of inflammation thus a source of our pain as well.  There are herbals that can address both to effectively to bring relief.  To address nerve pain and inflammation there is an application that has proven most effective.  It is called the Nervous System Application.  This process is applied to the whole of the back, legs, arms, hands and fingertips.  A practitioner like myself uses herbal extracts and oils to help heal the nerves that are either irritated or damaged to help relieve back, neck and other sources of  body pain.  This is a type of massage with the purpose of providing aid to the nerves that could be causing the issue.

The herbal aids that help with inflammation, general and nerve pain are listed below:
  • Herbal Adjustment - Muscle aches and pains
  • Wood Betony - Pain relief
  • Arnica - Nerve pain
 As a general rule avoid foods that are processed which are foods that do not have any nutritional value such as fast foods and junk foods.  The chemical additives in these foods can actually irritate nerves causing painful issues in the body.  These same herbs can be used effectively for burns, cuts, bruises, spasms and sprains.  Remember, pain can be addressed with the foods Mother Nature has cultivated which is the best food for a living body.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies Product of the Week! Whole Food Farmacy Snack Packs!

I love convenience!  Don't we all, right!  Well, as I am an advocate of health and wellness, when you combine convenience with my passion, then I am all in - Tell me more!!  What if I were to tell you, there are foods you can purchase that are not only good for the environment, they are also good for you, too, would you believe me?  Well, let me tell you about ...

Whole Food Snack Packs!!!  These foods are raw, organic, nutrient dense foods that are truly convenient and ready for all of us who are always on the go!  Blueberry PHI is a variation of PHI+ that is loaded with antioxidants. It is a synergistic combination of all natural, whole food ingredients.

Blueberry PHI is a delicious and nutritious variation of PHI+ that is loaded with antioxidants. It is a synergistic combination of all natural, whole food ingredients including nuts, seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, oils, and spices. Blueberries, which are very rich in antioxidants, can help to boost your immune system and prevent disease.

WAIT!  There's more!  That's right more great snack packs filled with wholesome nutritious ingredients that are sure to please the entire family.  Take these foods with you on the road so you will not have to worry if you will be able to find healthy foods you can eat!  Try these snacks for yourself and taste Wholefood Farmacy foods to 'eat' what you're missing!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Menstrual Cramps are Addressed with Natural Herbal Remedies

Menstrual Cramps

I only started suffering cramps when I had my children.  While in my teens and early twenties, I did not even have PMS let alone cramps.  Well, aside from the physical changes that a woman goes through when she has a child, the hormones after pregnancy often change in the woman as well.

So, during that time of the month what is a woman to do - naturally??  My sisterfriend came to visit with her daughter and we truly enjoyed each other during their visit.  One day my sisterfriend decided to take her grandson to the zoo for his birthday and invited me to come along, I was so excited because it had not been  a long time since I was at the zoo.

Before leaving for the zoo her daughter complained of really painful menstrual cramping.  So, I asked her if she would be willing to take some herbal extracts and she replied, 'I will take anything right now!'  So, I gave her cayenne and Lobelia (Indian Tobacco).  Dr. John Christopher referred to Lobelia as the 'thinking herb' as it will do in the body what is needed. 

Lobelia is specifically for abdominal cramping which is why it is so effective for menstrual cramping.  Well, while we stopped to eat, my sisterfriend asked her daughter how she was feeling and she remarked that the herbal extracts tasted awful and she could still taste them, however, she was feeling better and not nearly as bad as before we left for the zoo.

I always tell my clients that herbs are bitter and most of the time never sweet.  So, the taste is most of the time not very pleasant.  Yet, they are very effective and do work well as an aid to help the body heal itself.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How Natural Herbal Remedies Address Sunburn

Barbie Stayed in the Sun Too Long!!

I know of people that have experienced sunburn and it can be quite painful!  For some the skin reacts similar to when it has been burned by fire from a stove.  Well, here is one remedy that will help to heal the burn and ease the pain.

Recipe for Sunburn:
  • Aloe Vera Gel - scraped from inside the plant 
  • Arnica Extract 
  • Directions:  Mix both the gel and the extract together and place on the burned area
When the burn takes place immediately place the Aloe and Arnica on the area and let it sit.  Re-apply when necessary.  Arnica is specifically for burns it is also a pain reliever by removing physical trauma.  Aloe Vera is not only good for the digestive system, yet, it can also cool the skin and as a skin emollient aid the healing process by smoothing out the skin.

Have fun in the sun just do not stay outside there too long! Oh, by the way, do not forget the sunscreen!