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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies and High Blood Pressure

Hypertension and heart disease runs in my family.  Yet, the way that some of my relatives eat you would not be able to tell!  and this is one of the vital components of this dis-ease.  You have got to make lifestyle changes in order to allow the body to heal itself.  When you do not change how you eat and you do not incorporate exercise into your lifestyle you are inviting this dis-ease to progress.

To stop the progression of High Blood Pressure you must first do the following:
  • Incorporate drinking raw vegetable juices daily
  • Drinking at least half your body's weight in water to release toxins and keep the bowels open
  • Reducing or Eliminating saturated fatty foods such as pork and beef, junk, processed and fast foods, white sugar, white flour and table salt
  • Cleansing hollow organs like the liver and kidneys with adequate amount of Vitamin D
  • Using herbs to help open the arteries and get the blood flowing easily such as Goldenbough or Pleurisy Root.
  • Supplementing with Vitamin D3 is a necessary nutrient to reduce the risk of heart attack when someone has high blood pressure.
 Another, big change to the lifestyle that has to occur is handling and managing stress better.  Not being able to manage stress leads to a rise in the pressure also.  Doing exercise, practicing meditation or doing yoga helps one to handle stress better and to regularly manage it with ease.

Though high blood pressure can lead to serious cardiovascular and vascular dis-eases it can be overcome just like any other dis-ease that may occur in the body.  Yet, it takes a willing participant to make the changes necessary changes for better health naturally.


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies and Breast Cancer Awareness

There are so many women surviving breast cancer now than before due to early detection and self examinations.  For those that lost loved ones due to this dis-ease, let us celebrate the life that continues on in those that have survived.

When helping anyone overcome a health challenge we must first get the body to cleanse before it can heal.  Cleansing is NOT just solely for the physical body, yet, it is also for the mind and soul as well.  When the body is going through the cleansing process it is not uncommon for the mind to begin to have new thoughts and the soul will begin to feel different as well.  Clearing past emotional traumas, forgiving those that have trespass against us, forgiving ourselves for those we have trespass, seeking peace with those things that have happened to us that were beyond our control, all of these circumstances contributes to the importance of cleansing the body, mind and soul in order for the body to begin its healing.

Now, that the body has begun to cleanse we can successfully implement the following to further aid the body to heal itself:
  • Keep the bowels open with the herb Cascara Sagrada.  It is important that when the body is getting rid of the toxins that caused the dis-order the bowels are open to carry away these toxins out of the body.
  • The following organs that also have the same job of eliminating toxins  need to be cleansed, nourished and repaired they are the liver, kidneys, lymph and blood. The following herbs are suggestions for each:
    • Liver - Beet Root
    • Kidneys - Cornsilk
    • Lymph - Blue Flag
    • Blood - Red Clover
  • Once the organs are going through the cleansing process the food that is to be eaten is another aid to help the body heal and when going through a health crisis I always tell my clients NO MEAT, no junk, fast or processed foods.  A plant based whole food eating regimen is highly recommended.
  • Now, the actually health issued can be addressed.  To aid the body in ridding itself of tumors the following herbal aids can be of tremendous assistance. Dulse and a herbal combination called CST-M
Though every case is different and different aids will be used for the individual's own circumstances the cleansing process for the body is the same.  A complete healing is only as good as the person needing to be healed.  The bible says,"Faith without works is dead", therefore, work toward your better health - Naturally.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies Product of the Week - Liquithon


Break Your Junk Food Cravings with WholeFood Farmacy’s Liquithon

WholeFood Farmacy's Liquithon is a 13 day supply of our whole food Farinas; AmpliPhi, BeautiPhi, ClariPhi, DetoxiPhi, ElectriPhi, FructiPhi, and GloriPhi. That is seven powder meals that you simply mix with water or a juice of your choice.

At $129.95 or only $9.96 per day the Liquithon is a fantastic deal. The average person spends more than that on food each day. A cup of coffee and pastry in the morning and a modest lunch can easily cost $12 (not counting dinner). The Liquithon not only saves you money, but also time and effort in grocery shopping and food preparation.

Briefly, the farinas are as follows:

AmpliPhi, the red farina, affects the circulatory system, heart, and helps to move around so many necessary nutrients. You will find this farina particularly uplifting and stimulating.

BeautiPhi, the orange farina, affects the endocrine system. This is important to all of us for strength, cleansing and balance. You’ll find that your attitude will improve and you’ll experience a lightness of body and spirit.

ClariPhi, the yellow farina, works strongly with the liver, solar plexus, and of course the nervous system. This farina seems to aid in concentration and focus as well as the ability to take in more easily your environment.

DetoxiPhi, the green farina, is designed with cleansing in mind. Drink it cold or at room temperature and enjoy the benefits of a healthier digestive track. You will also find yourself moving more easily and find walking and exercise to be more enjoyable.

ElectriPhi, the blue farina, really wakes you up in the morning. ElectriPhi supports your muscular and skeletal systems. This farina will help you get your day started on the right foot.

FructiPhi, the indigo farina, allows you to breathe more easily. This farina was crafted to help and support your respiratory system.

Gloriphi, the violet or purple farina, supports the ever so important lymphatic system. This one works great, and tastes great.

For the next 13 days, these easily digested whole food farinas will allow much more of your body’s energy to be directed towards healing, repairing, regenerating, cleansing, and detoxifying. The Liquithon is the full body cleanse you have been looking for and an opportunity to break your junk food cravings. The Liquithon will deliver improved digestion and prepare the body for long-term healthy, whole food consumption. Just think, in only two weeks you will be healthier, and more radiant than you have been in a long time.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies - Recipe of the Week - Cold and Flu Drink


AWWW!! MAN!!!  It is that time of year when the seasons change and people experience viral infections of the sinuses, upper respiratory tract and allergies.  Well, below is a solution that really does work and it is good tasting!  This formula is actually a recipe my husband taught me as his remedy for the common cold.  Yet, through the years this formula has been used for other ailments with much success.  When I suggested this formula to a co-worker for his sinus troubles, he actually used this formula and successfully relieved his symptoms.  Hey, try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you!!!

(Remember all ingredients should be organic for this formula.)

•    1 whole lemon

•    1 tablespoon Ginger Powder - Increases circulation and encourages sweating

•    1 tablespoon Garlic Powder - A natural antibiotic

•    1/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper - Stimulates healing

•    2 tablespoons Raw Unfiltered Honey - Contains enzymes that initiate healing

•    3 cups of boiling water - Preferably filtered or steam distilled

Cut up a lemon leaving the peel on the fruit. In a blender pour in all your ingredients including the lemon.  VERY slowly pour in the boiling water.  Be sure to completely cover the blender with the lid so the water does not come out of the blender as it is blending the ingredients. It is important NOT to over fill the blender so if you do not use all 3 cups of water that is fine.  Press the liquify setting on the blender and let all the ingredients blend together into a drink that can be left out at room temperature or refrigerated.  Consume this drink every 2 to 3 hours until symptoms are gone.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dangers of Hair Straighteners & Natural Herbal Remedies



Back in the day I used chemical perms to make my hair straight.  I used perms on my hair for years.  My mom was a licensed cosmetologist and she was very good at what she did for a living.  She introduced me to chemical straightening, and I know that she thought at the time that there was no harm in chemically straightening the hair after all, that is what she was taught.  She would add a cream conditioner to the perm to minimize damage to the hair and scalp and it worked, this is what kept clients in her chair.

Then, overtime she developed COPD, which is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, even though she quit smoking years prior to her diagnosis, using these chemicals on herself and her clients was not good for her lungs, therefore, she was forced into early retirement.  Ironically, the attitudes of most stylists has not changed over decades of mounting clinical evidence.  Using chemical straighteners on the scalp and the hair can be harmful to the body of both the stylist and the client.  Carcinogenic chemicals such as lye and formaldehyde are found in these hair straighteners and when used on the scalp and hair they are also going into our bodies as well which can cause dis-ease.

 The alternative is to use natural protein packed conditioners on the hair to get the curl to relax naturally.  Once the hair is properly conditioned with protein you can either let the hair uncoil on its own through continued use of this conditioner or apply moderate heat from styling tools such as a hair dryer and a brush or a flat iron.  If you are skilled with these styling tools then by all means do it yourself, if not, request a natural protein packed conditioning treatment from your stylist and allow him or her to professionally style your hair.

If you are going to do this yourself the following recipe below is a natural protein packed conditioning treatment that will leave the hair, strong, silky, shiny, smooth and straight!  The reason the conditioning treatment must contain lots of protein because the more protein our hair has the more strength it will retain to prevent breakage during styling.  Not to mention the natural ingredients in this conditioning treatment are good enough to eat - Literally!!

To use this conditioning treatment mix all the ingredients together in a blender or food processor and it will form a thick paste apply to the hair and comb through.  Leave this natural hair mayo on your hair for at least 35 minutes apply a hot towel or get under a hooded dryer.  Then shampoo as normal. What is cool about this treatment you can make it in advance and take it with you to the salon.

1 Cup of organic cottage cheese, whole cow's milk or coconut milk
2 eggs (If you do not want to add eggs use more cottage cheese as a substitute)
1/3 Cup of a blend of olive and grape seed oils
1 Cup of raw unfiltered honey
1 Banana and 1/2 cup of strawberries
1 Teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
Juice of 1 whole lemon

For those with Alopecia you can add 1 tablespoon of the following herbal extracts for promoting hair growth:
  • Dulse
  • Horsetail
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Thyme

Monday, October 13, 2014

Natural Herbal Remedies-Product of the Week- Cornsilk Combination

 U T I's!  Urinary Tract Infections.  These infections are the most common amongst women and the most annoying.  These infections can reoccur and seems to hold the individual in a vicious cycle.  So, aside from the common remedies of tart cranberry juice, drinking copious amounts of water and traditional antibiotics there is another way.

The product I want to introduce to you is a herbal combination that can aid the urinary system not just the urinary tract to rid the body of the 'bad' bacteria or fungi that can cause this infection. Cornsilk Combination does aid healing in the following ways:
  • Helps to Soothe and repair irritated kidneys
  • Aids in Restoring urine flow to normal and helps relieves fluid retention
  • Helps to coat internal surfaces of tender inflamed kidneys, bladder, urinary passages to provide relief from painful urination
  • Assists in ridding the body of mineral deposits that may cause kidney or bladder stones  
Cornsilk Herbal Combination
The herbs in this combination are Cornsilk, Uva Ursi, Gravel Root and it is this combination of these herbs that can aid and assist the body in ridding itself of  harmful bacteria, inorganic mineral deposits and fungi that can cause UTI and stones.  When using herbs as aids it is still important to do the following:
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat fresh organic raw fruits and veggies
  • Avoid fast, fried, junk and processed foods
  • Keep the bowels open to avoid retaining harmful toxins